Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan's office and CUB have secured a $46 million refund for consumers, after ComEd agreed to a settlement. The settlement was approved by the ICC today.
For it's 30th Anniversay, CUB reviewed all the victories it has helped win for Illinois consumers over the years, and we discovered they add up to $20 billion, about twice our previous estimate! And today, state regulators confirmed our findings.
Dolton residents are paying the highest community electric rates in Illinois. Read CUB's WatchBlog to find out what three questions you should ask if your own town has a power deal.
CUB and the Environmental Defense Fund are working with the utilities to come up with better ways to measure how high-tech upgrades to the power grid can increase efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Their efforts are helping to put Illinois at the forefront of a national discussion.
Your Chance To Win $300
Take a photo of yourself or a loved one at your favorite Illinois hotspot and you could win $300! Get the details on CUB's 30th Anniversary Photo Contest.
CUB's Chicago Power Calculator can help Windy City residents answer a big question about their power bills.