CUB wishes everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July. As you celebrate, remember that there's nothing CUB enjoys more than defending your bottom line. Visit our Rate-Hike Fighters Center to see the battles ahead.
Learn how an obscure electricity auction led to a 30 percent increase in power prices in Central and Southern Illinois. Join thousands who have sent messages asking federal regulators to investigate Illinois' power market.
CUB teamed up with state regulators and the Illinois Attorney General's office to get up to $310,800 in refunds for consumers who complained about an alternative electric supplier. Read our release.
Read this Chicago Tribune story about a mom who says she’s panicking because the state budget problems mean she won’t be receiving financial assistance to help pay her utility bills.
CUB successfully pushed for legislation that caps the "exit fees" that alternative electric suppliers can charge. Send your legislators a thank you message and let them know you support pro-consumer legislation.
Annette helped Cheryl save her grandmother $1,286 after the 97-year old got switched to an alternative supplier.
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