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5 things Ameren customers should know

Rajiv, out of our Hillsboro office, is touring the state, sharing helpful information for Ameren customers.

Rajiv, out of our Hillsboro office, is touring the state, sharing helpful information for Ameren customers.

To mark the opening of our new CUB office in Hillsboro, Outreach Coordinator Rajiv Ravulapati is touring Central and Southern Illinois to tell Ameren customers the five things they should know as we enter the winter heating season.

1) Rates are going DOWN. Ameren customers may be bracing for big bills, but the good news is the company’s electric supply rates are going down on Oct. 1.  Here are the rates:

Zone 1 (formerly AmerenCIPS)
June-September 2014 price: 4.657 cents/kWh
New prices: 4.465 cents/kWh (October), 4.571 cents/kWh (November 2014 through May 2015)

Zone 2 (Formerly AmerenCILCO)
June-September 2014 price: 4.553 cents/kWh
New prices: 4.361 cents/kWh (October), 4.467 cents/kWh (November 2014 through May 2015)

Zone 3: (Formerly AmerenIP)
June-September 2014 price: 4.633 cents/kWh
New prices: 4.441 cents/kWh (October), 4.547 cents/kWh (November 2014 through May 2015)
Note: Ameren has said a credit on the supply rate is expected to average 0.75 cents per kWh for the rest of 2014, making these rates even lower.

Ameren’s per therm gas supply rate changes on a monthly basis. In October the price for Zones 1, 2, 3: 50.09 cents/therm (compared with 63.31 cents per therm in September)

2) Beware of bad deals. Ameren customers should be wary of electric deals that sound too good to be true. Before signing up with an alternative electricity supplier, compare its prices to Ameren’s utility prices.  See CUB’s fact sheet on electric choice for Ameren customers.

3) Stop the rate hike. Even though supply rates are going down, Ameren still wants a $206 million increase in the “delivery” rates it charges you to get the electricity to your door. Here’s how the company said the hike would increase bills for “average users” (10,000 kWh a year for general use, 18,000 kWh for space heat):

Zone 1 (formerly AmerenCIPS): $9.55/month (13%) for general use; $11.85/month (10%) for space heat

Zone 2 (formerly AmerenCILCO): $6.37/month (8%) for general use; $6.68/month (6%) for space heat

Zone 3 (formerly AmerenIP): $8.45/month (11%) for general use; $10.86/month ($9%) for space heat

If you’re against the increase, see CUB’s petition to send a message to state regulators.

4) ‘Act’ now to save. Customers save money by joining Ameren’s Act On Energy program (ActOnEnergy.com). Under it, Ameren customers can buy discounted light bulbs and receive cash in exchange for their second refrigerators.

5) Take advantage of discounted audits. Customers looking to potentially save hundreds of dollars a year should ask about discounted home energy audits. For more information, contact Elevate Energy, at 217 391-4272.

Recently, Ravulapati traveled to Bunker Hill and Carterville as part of the tour. Next stop: Peoria!

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    I keep getting calls from Com-Ed about my utilities.I don’t have Com Ed.I have told them to take me off their list…to no avail.I’ll have to report them to DO NOT CALL

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