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CUB helps consumer put a stop to rising Internet bills

By Samantha Vercellino

20150611_carla_kudosOver the years, Jan Conrad watched as her AT&T Internet bill grew steadily. It wasn’t until after her bill topped $42 a month that she called CUB’s consumer hotline for help.

“I was paying $42 just for Internet, and that’s what I used to pay for Internet and television combined,” Jan said.

The 67-year old—who’s been a member of CUB since 2009—explained to Consumer Rights Associate Carla Colamonici that AT&T told her the only way to lower her bills was to switch to U-Verse, a pricey TV, Internet and phone service.

Hoping to help Jan avoid a plan that could cause her bills to go up even more, Carla immediately contacted AT&T.

Within a few hours, the Oswego resident received a call from AT&T, which had good news: The phone giant had reduced her monthly Internet bill to $27 for the next year—and told her she could stay with her current service.

Elated about her new deal Jan called CUB to relay the news, and thank Carla and the rest of the staff for all their help.

“I was surprised at how quick [CUB] got on my issue,” Jan said. “I don’t think I could have lowered my bills without calling you.”

If you have questions regarding your utility, phone or cable service, call CUB’s Consumer Hotline, at 1-800-669-5556.

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    Joanne Kurtz says

    They stiffed me on this U Verse as well. Nothing none of it worked plus it was a lot more than they had quoted on the phone.

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    Mark says

    I never trusted bundling. Seems as though the introductory rate may be good but you cannot get them to give you a figure for what it will cost after introductory period. Plus, I never trust a company like Charter, for example, to handle my land line. People just pay the bill and never investigate it. Thanks to CUB for keeping us informed.
    And BTW, we cut the cable tv cord last year and do not miss it. Much is available via internet etc and antennae. . Have DSL that we have had for many years. Would be interested in knowing how this person gets internet that economically.

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